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Top Signs Your Man Is a True Gentleman

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Hey ladies, is your boyfriend, fiance, or hubby a gentleman? The dictionary defines a gentleman as being a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man. If your man is a true gentleman then he’ll constantly show these top signs that we’ve outlined below. Searching for Raleigh catering companies this fall? Catering by Design is the area’s top choice for great food, fun, and affordable prices. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you save time and money.

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The Signs of a Gentleman


A true gentleman shows respect to everyone around him. This includes you, your parents, your friends, and others. He also respects himself. When it comes to respecting you, he listens to your needs, wants, and concerns. He does not criticize your ideas, appearance, or style. He also encourages you with positive reinforcement.


To a gentleman, chivalry is not dead. A true gentleman will hold the door open for you and others. He’ll open and close your vehicle’s door. He’ll pull your chair out for you before you sit down for a meal at a restaurant. He also recognizes that you can do all of these things yourself but chooses to go out of his way so you don’t have to.

Defends Your Honor and Keeps You Safe

A gentleman will do his best to avoid a fight when possible. However, he’s not afraid to engage if it means protecting his girl. He will also walk you to your car or to your door at the end of the night to ensure you get home safely. A gentleman will also never take advantage of you when you’re vulnerable. Keeping you safe will be one of his top priorities.

For more tell-tale signs of a true gentleman, head on over to part two of this series. For information about our award-winning catering company, please keep reading.

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