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Tips for Getting Better Sleep Before Your Wedding

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Sleep! For some brides-to-be, the concept of a good night’s sleep was gone a long time ago. But did you know that it doesn’t have to be this way? That’s right! There are several things you can do to make sure you’re getting enough rest before your wedding date. We talked a little about this in our last post.

We started off the series by discussing a few lifestyle changes that will help you sleep better. These included getting more exercise, making changes to your routine to get on a better sleep schedule, and some food and drinks to avoid. Today’s post will be rounding out the series with even more tips.

Keep reading to learn how to start sleeping better. Do you have a wedding planned in 2017? Still looking for the right Raleigh catering company? Stop wasting time! Call Catering by Design today! You’ll love our affordable wedding menus, customer service, and free menu tastings.

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How to Sleep Better Before Your Wedding Day

Get Unplugged at an Earlier Time

Unplug yourself from your internet devices at an earlier time. Research has shown that our smartphones and tablets emit a blue light that stimulates and awakens the brain. Putting these devices down and reading a book, newspaper, or magazine will help you get to sleep quicker and easier. If your smartphone or tablet has a nighttime mode that emits warmer light and dims the brightness, then be sure to use that function if you are using these devices before bedtime.

The Bed Is for Sleeping and …

Your bed shouldn’t be used for anything besides sleeping and sex. It’s not an office. It’s not a dining room or a movie room. So, if you’re watching TV in bed, sending out work emails, or eating in it before bedtime, then you’re stimulating your brain to be awake instead of going to sleep.

Wind Yourself Down

Each night, spend some time winding yourself down from all the stresses and excitement of the day.There are several ways to soothe yourself. You can take a hot bath or shower, listen to some good music, go for a swim, take an easy stroll through the neighborhood, use your fire pit, do some yoga, mediate, use essential oils, and lots more.

Sleeping Comfortable

When you’re sleeping, keep your environment as comfortable as you can. Block out all of the extra light sources that brighten up the room. Make sure the temperature is set correctly before going to bed. Too hot or too cold will make for a restless night. Use a ceiling fan or other fan to keep air circulating. This can also serve as a white noise machine as well. White noise distracts and helps your busy brain slip into sleep mode.

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