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More Tips for Paying Off Your Wedding

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Are you trying to pay off your wedding? If so, it can seem like a never-ending hassle. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. The pros at Catering by Design have put together a few tips aimed at helping you out. In our last post on paying off a wedding, we talked about the importance of having a budget post wedding for your monthly expenses, and how to break down a monthly payment. Go back and read it by clicking here. Today, our topic will continue with even more money saving tips that will help you pay off your wedding sooner, rather than later. For the best Raleigh caterers for weddings, or any occasion, be sure to call Catering by Design in 2017. You’ll love our prices and top notch customer service.

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How to Pay Off Your Wedding

Free Up Extra Cash

If you want to pay off a debt quickly, think about freeing up some extra cash. You can do this by cutting back. In our last post we talked about budgeting. We asked you to make a list of your monthly expenses and figure out which ones can either be eliminated or cut back on. Let’s expand.

If you eat out for lunch everyday, you’re going to spend between $5 and $10 extra. This equates to between $100 and $220 dollars each month, or $1200 to $2640 each year. If you smoke cigarettes, stop. Not only will you live longer, but you’ll save a lot of money each month. If you smoke 3 packs a week at a cost of $6 a pack, that’s another $72 a month being wasted. If you smoke a pack a day, then your cigarette expenses are even higher. On the low end, stopping smoking will allow you to save about $900 to put towards your wedding expenses.

You should also look at your other expensive habits. Cancel your gym membership or premium TV channels, stop drinking so much bottled water, and reduce your visits to the coffee shop as well. I know this sounds extreme, but the quicker you pay off your wedding expenses, the happier you’ll be with all the extra money you’ll have at your disposal. For great prices and customer service on winter and spring wedding catering, keep reading to see how Catering by Design can help.

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