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Things to Avoid Before Your Wedding

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wedding catering Raleigh NCGetting married soon? Still in the planning process? Did you know that there are things that you want to avoid the week before your big day? Even though the week before might sound like plenty of time pre-wedding, do some planning and get things done early so you’re not left scrambling.

As many brides are well aware, there are many things that you need to do in advance so you can relax the week before and enjoy yourself. Check out these things below and be sure to divert yourself from them.

Don’t Change Your Look – Some think that their wedding day is the perfect time to try something new. However, avoid changing your look the week before. You might hate it and then what are you going to do? If you want to experiment with your look, do it months before your big day so you have plenty of time to make corrections, or let your hair grow back out.

Extreme Dieting and Exercising – If you want to lose weight and get in shape, do not wait until the week before your wedding. It will not work and you will regret trying the quick fix solutions. Start your diet early, and have a workout plan ready. If you try to starve yourself in the days before your wedding, you might not even have enough energy to walk down the aisle, or enjoy your reception. The same actually goes for partying and drinking too much beforehand too. You’ll be a hot mess if you show up to your wedding hungover.

Just like dieting, don’t try to start an intensive exercise regime right before your wedding. If you’ve ever exercised before, you know what sore muscles feel like. How fun does that sound to have to deal with all this pain on your wedding day? Plus, you could injure yourself which will really ruin your chances of having a fun wedding.

More DIY – DIY weddings and projects are all the rage, thanks to Pinterest. If you want to participate in this trend, it’s best to get started very early. You’ll be surprised how limited your craft skills may actually be so you might need to have some extra time available in case you need a backup plan. You really do not want to be up until the wee hours of the morning the night before your wedding hot gluing centerpieces.

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