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Thanksgiving Turkey Buying Tips

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If you’re like most American families out there you’ll be in the 95% of those that have turkey at Thanksgiving this year according to eatturkey.com. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away and if you have not thought about buying your bird for the big day then you should probably get going. If this is the first Thanksgiving that you’re cooking dinner, you might be a little confused by all of the options out there.

Today we’re going to fill you in everything that you’ll need to know to buy the perfect type of turkey for your holiday feast. If you’re searching for Raleigh caterers for a holiday event, call Catering by Design today for really great prices and services.

Turkey Buying Tips!

When it comes to buying a turkey, there are going to be several options you will find during your search. Here is a basic breakdown of each turkey type.

Natural – Natural turkeys have been processed, but minimally. However, they do not contain artificial flavors, ingredients, coloring or preservatives. This year natural turkeys are selling for between $1.30 – $2.50 per pound. You can typically find them at most supermarkets.

Organic – Organic turkeys can be considered free-range also. Organic means that they have been fed grains that are pesticide and chemical free. Organic turkeys are also not given antibiotics, steroids or other hormones. This type of turkey will typically have a stronger turkey flavor than natural birds. These usually cost more and can sell for around $4 – $5 per pound. You’ll find them at high-end grocers as well as local farms, depending on where you live.

Kosher – Kosher turkeys are birds that have been processed according to Jewish dietary laws. These turkeys have been salted inside and out, and are left to drain before soaking and washing. The salting pulls out the moisture, which makes the meat more dense. Kosher birds also have a fuller taste, and are more expensive than natural turkeys. Kosher birds cost between $3 – $6 per pound.

Free-Range – Free-Range birds are raised outdoors on a farm where they can roam around as they like. They also eat natural food, like bugs and grubs. This type also has a robust flavor and texture compared to natural turkeys. These cost around $4 – $6 per pound and you can even find them at some supermarkets, natural food stores or turkey farms.

Buying Fresh or Frozen?

This might be a hard question as well so we will break it down. If it were me, I would buy a fresh turkey. They just taste better, are more tender, and typically are also juicier. However, the drawback is you cannot buy one too far in advance or it will go bad. This can leave you without a bird if you are not prepared. If you want a fresh turkey you should pre-order one and have it on hold for Thanksgiving.

Frozen turkeys can be purchased at much lower costs, and several weeks ahead of time. However, frozen turkeys can dry out quickly if not prepared correctly. Also, you have to make to time to defrost your bird. It can take a whole day per each 5 lbs of turkey. So if you have a 20 lb turkey, you’ll need a good 4 days for it to thaw out.

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