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Thanksgiving Dinner Topics to Avoid

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It’s Thanksgiving, a time when family and friends get together to smile, laugh, and generally have a good time. As a matter of fact, if you missed our last post, you can read it here. We talked about easy and fun Thanksgiving topics. However, if you decide to start talking about the wrong subject, your fun celebration could turn into a chaotic mess.

That leads us to today’s big discussion, a list of conversation topics that you should avoid during holiday celebrations. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, keep the peace this year and avoid having a dysfunctional family holiday gathering. Always remember, when you’re in doubt about answering a question just stick a turkey leg in your mouth. For the most affordable holiday Raleigh event catering, call Catering by Design!

Avoid These Thanksgiving Topics!

Politics – If you really want to get the blood boiling of voting Americans, start talking about politics. You’ll have family on both sides of the ticket that will probably defend their position until they’re blue in the face. Avoid talking about liberal this, or tea party that, as it will only start a spat.

Religion – Religion is kind of like politics in that people really get passionate about the topic. It does not matter what religion you grew up in, or what your beliefs are now, just leave this topic alone and find something else to talk about.

Money – Another good topic to avoid is talking about money. Whether you have a lot of it, or not much at all, leave the topic alone. Do not engage in conversations about how so-and-so spends their money, or who got a loan from another family member, etc. Also under the topic of money is flaunting, or bragging about all the stuff you have, especially if you have family and friends that are not so well off. They will not appreciate bragging, so talk about football or something else.

Divorce/Affairs – If someone starts talking about recent affairs, divorces, or separations then you should change the subject immediately. Bitterness and resentment is not a friendly holiday topic, especially when there are so many other lighter topics to enjoy.

Addiction and Substance Abuse – Unless you have a family member acting a fool and getting super drunk during your big family celebration, avoid talking about substance abuse and addiction problems. This is just a sad topic to discuss when you should be celebrating all the things you are thankful for. Avoid heavy addiction talk and just be thankful your family member is still with you. If you feel the need to discuss addiction with a family member that suffers from substance abuse, pick the right time when you can have a private conversation first.

These are only a few of the topics that you should avoid during the holidays, so just be sure that you try to keep the conversations light and fun so everyone has a great time.

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