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How to Store Food in Your Refrigerator

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Want to stop wasting so much food? Well, one way you can help yourself is by organizing your refrigerator. In our previous post, we talked about a few general practices that you can start doing at home to prevent throwing out so much food each month. You can go back and read that post by clicking here. Today we’re going to continue talking about how to properly store the food you buy in your fridge.

There is actually a right and wrong way to pack your fridge full of food. Putting the right items on the right shelf can really make a huge impact on your cold storage items staying fresher for longer periods of time. Allowing your food to keep longer will help you save money on your monthly grocery bill too. You’ll be throwing out less, and buying less, making it possible to really see some good savings.

As we mentioned in the previous post, the average American wastes about 25% of the food and drinks they buy each month. This can translate to thousands of wasted dollars. However, the way we store our food has a lot to do with how often we have to discard it. Learning how to organize your refrigerator can really help in this department, especially since most of the food we toss are cold things.

Top Shelf – The top part of the fridge is usually the warmest. For this reason, use this shelf for pre-prepared foods such as yogurt, cheese or sauces.

Middle Shelf – This is a great place to keep your cooked meat and sealed containers of leftovers. If you have room, keep your milk and eggs here too. Do not keep the milk or eggs in the door racks where the items are subjected to constant temp changes.

Bottom Shelf – This shelf, being the coldest part of the fridge, is perfect for your raw meat, fish and poultry. This shelf also helps prevent the risk of raw juices dripping onto other food items and spoiling them.

Salad Crisper – This is your perfect spot to store fruit and vegetables. Some crispers even come with humidity controls. This will allow you to retain the moisture that certain vegetables, such as lettuce, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, and carrots need to last longer.

Door – You have to be careful with the things you store in the door. This is because you are constantly opening and closing it. We suggest using the door racks to store your condiments, jams, sodas and fruit juice. If you have a lidded compartment on the inside of your door, keep the butter or margarine here so that it stays extra protected from the temp changes.

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