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Stop Wasting Food!

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Stop Wasting Food!

Drought is taking root all across the world and we need to start doing our part a lot better. As Americans, we waste a lot; sometimes too much! This is especially true when it comes to wasting good food. We take food for granted. For the majority of us, we can just go the local grocery store and get what we want, when we need it. Lots of times we buy things that we never even eat and wind up throwing them away when they spoil. The amount of food that gets tossed out is insane. These wasteful habits are not eco-friendly at all. Plus, with the economy in a constant state of flux, saving money is a good idea for all families and businesses.

Thanks to a recent study by the National Resources Defense Council, about 25% of the food and drinks we buy get thrown away. This means that a family of four will waste about $2,000 worth of food. Even though the average percentage of food spending has dramatically decreased over the past few decades, it still remains the third-largest monthly expense for households.

Below you’ll find some helpful tips that should allow you to cut back on your wasteful food habits!

Have a Food Plan – This might sound confusing but it’s really not. Having a food plan is a great way to keep your family organized, healthy, and happy. A food plan will also allow for you to use less food than you need too. Your food plan should be a combo of your meals that you want to cook during the week, as well as your grocery list. This might not sound like a fun task, and sometimes it isn’t. If you take some time over the weekend to get your planning and shopping completed, you’ll free up a lot of extra time during the week.

Getting it all done at once will save you several trips to the grocery store and back. That’s a lot of time and gas money saved right off the bat. Get yourself a few good recipe books, a monthly planner (or smartphone app), and start planning away. As you’re writing out your weekly meal plans, start taking inventory of what you have already that needs to be eaten first, and then make your grocery list.

Stick to Your Grocery List – Going to the grocery store, especially when hungry, can lead to overspending on food that we do not really need, or even actually want in some cases. This is one of the biggest reasons why making a food plan and grocery list is important. When you go grocery shopping, make a commitment to not stray from your grocery list. Stick to it and forgo the random impulse buys. Also, buying in bulk is not always the best route. This can lead to buying too many of the same item which can lead to spoilage and food rot. Be aware of your spending habits and if you only need 2 potatoes, forget buying the large discounted bag.

The Right Food Storage – We waste a lot of food due to poor organization and storage practices. Failing to put meat in the freezer is also key to premature food loss. Please take the time to get your pantry well organized. This will always help you when making your grocery list so that you don’t buy duplicate items. Be wary of where you place certain food items in the fridge. For instance, do not keep eggs and milk in the door section because when you open the door these items lose the most temperature control.

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When we waste food, we waste more than money. We waste the resources, such as water, that it takes to actually grow the food, we waste people’s time and energy getting it to the local stores for us to buy, and we waste a valuable resource that some people in the world fight for every day. We hope this post will help you change the way you feel about throwing out food the next time you clean out your fridge.

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