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Stop Food Waste Day 2018 – What You Can Do

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Welcome back to our series on National Stop Food Waste day. In our last post, which you can find here, we focused on the mind‐blowing statistics of how bad food waste is in the United States. Today’s post is aimed at giving you some great tips on how your family or business can cut down on wasting food. If you’re in need of affordable Raleigh catering for an upcoming 2018 event or wedding, please call Catering by Design today. We offer unbeatable prices and even better customer service. Be sure to ask about our delivery options if you do not need full service.

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Tips for Not Wasting Food

So what can you do at home or at work to help prevent so much food going to waste? More than you would think. Let’s take a look at things you can do at home.

At Home or at a Restaurant

Cook Less Food – If you find yourself throwing away too many leftovers, start by cooking less food. You don’t have to cook a meal for 30 servings each time you step into the kitchen. Cook just enough for what you know you’ll eat.

Pay Attention and Get Creative – Pay attention to how you’re planning your menus and get creative so you can use everything. For instance, if you’re making a broccoli dish keep the stems and chop them up to use in a salad.

Eating Out – Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach, especially when eating at a buffet. Start with smaller portions of things you want to eat and work your way up.

Social Media – Use the hashtag #StopFoodWasteDay when posting on social media to bring awareness.

At Work

Donate – Don’t discard your leftovers from your catered work events. Donate that food instead. Just be sure to handle and store the food appropriately to avoid contamination and foodborne illnesses. Also encourage your employees to take home a plate or two to eat later.

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