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More Stomachache Natural Remedies

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A stomachache can hit you or your children out of the blue for lots of reasons. The symptoms that come with an achy stomach are the worst. Vomiting, diarrhea, gas, stomach cramps, etc., are just terrible to deal with. How do you deal with a bad stomachache? Do you reach for the OTC medicine or do you take a more natural approach? In this writer’s opinion, the natural approach is a better option. In our last post, we started the series talking about the benefits of using ginger and peppermint to relieve stomach problems. You can go back and read it by clicking here. Today we’ll be adding more natural stomachache remedy tips. If you’re searching for Raleigh caterers for a wedding, social, or business event, call Catering by Design for more information!

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More Natural Remedies for Stomach Pains

Fennel Seed

You might be surprised by this, but fennel seed has been used to relieve gas, acid indigestion, cramps, and intestinal tract spasms for a very long time. Fennel is a carminative. Carminatives helps with soothing indigestion and expelling gas. In fact, fennel seed is a very common ingredient in gripe water. This is a tonic many use for treating colicky babies.


Chamomile is daisy-like plant from the Asteraceae family. Chamomile tea has long been used to soothe upset stomachs. Chamomile calms the upper digestive tract muscle which then relaxes contractions that help move food from the stomach to the small intestine. Chamomile also possesses anti-inflammatory and sedative properties that help relieve stomachaches.

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