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Sharing Your Wedding On Social Media

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It’s almost time for your big day. You’ve been posting on Facebook, sharing pictures on Instagram, making Pinterest boards, and tweeting out your custom #hashtag all in preparation for your wedding day! In part one of this post we talked about how to setup Facebook lists to control who gets to see what you share, but also the values of posting on these sites in a responsible manner. After all, being the best Cary wedding catering company comes with some perks. We get to cater hundreds of weddings and get to learn new tips each year from the industry’s best wedding planners, and the brides themselves. Here is what some of those brides have had to say.

Getting Tagged In Embarrassing Facebook Pictures

Right now, you should go to your Facebook profile and set all images that you’re tagged in to get your approval before they show up on your wall. Some of us have learned the hard way and this is a life lesson I would not want to wish on anyone. How you do think this relates to your wedding? Just let your imagination run wild. Think of your lingerie shower or bachelorette party. The months leading up to your wedding will be filled with lots of interesting places where you might not want pictures of you plastered across your social media accounts for anyone to see. Locking down your images will prevent your boss, grandmother, or other friends and family from seeing something you might not be so proud of. If you are really worried about something leaking out that some might not approve of, just be honest with the friend, or family member that is overly sharing. You cannot control what they share but you can tell them how you feel which usually goes a long way in preventing these mishaps.

You can also go into Fort Knox mode and make your Facebook profile private. This setting is where only you, and your certain lists can see what goes on your page.

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Use #hashtags

Hashtags are great for documenting and organizing your wedding. Hashtags were made popular on twitter and are now used on almost every social media site. Hashtags are also fun and can be used throughout the months and days leading up to your wedding, not to mention the big day itself. Come up with something creative to print on your invites and other wedding decor, gifts and take home treats. Something like #YourLastNamesWedding is a great place to start.

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