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How To Handle Social Media And Your Wedding

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Using Social Media Before Your Wedding Day Without Any Regrets

We live in a age of sharing, and social media. For some of us, these sites are as much a part of our days as eating and sleeping. When it comes to wanting to share your excitement, on or around your wedding, it’s only natural to turn to social media. You’ll want to update your status and post pictures on Facebook and you probably will have a lot of different Pinterest boards to help you with your planning, as well as everything in between. Every social media site is different. They have their own communities and networks to document your wedding activities. Each one also has their own privacy controls, and they operate differently. In part one of this post, we’re going to give you some tips on how to celebrate your big day in a socially responsible manner. Brides, when you’re ready to plan the meal for your wedding reception, please consider the best Raleigh wedding catering company – Catering By Design. We have been a Wedding Wire Award Winning Catering Company for the past three years!

Creating Facebook Lists

You’re probably an avid Facebook user, but do you know how to set up groups and lists on Facebook? Facebook lists are great because you can share certain things with certain people only, regarding your wedding season. By setting up lists for your bridesmaids, bridal party, family, and those not invited to the wedding, you’ll be able to control who gets to see what and you can skip the worry about the wrong person seeing something you don’t want them to. With these lists, you can set each status update to a custom filter. The best part, it’s easier to exclude those certain groups of people from updates, rather than picking the groups you do want to see the updates.

Creating Facebook lists is the only surefire way to ensure that you’re only sharing with the right people.

Post Responsibly

Remember the old saying – “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should actually do it.” Even though your social media profiles are yours, you should not post info to the Public unless you want everyone to know what you are thinking, and you are willing to deal with the consequences. All too often my feed is bombarded with people complaining about their boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, friends, etc. Social media is not the correct place to share these feelings in my opinion. I know some will get upset by this statement, but think before you post something to social media. Ask yourself these questions – “Would I be interested in my post if someone else posted it?” And, “Will my hundreds of friends really appreciate what I’m about to post?” If the answer is no, don’t post it. You know how you shouldn’t play with fire? You shouldn’t post, tweet, or share when you’re feeling overly emotional – you might regret it later.

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