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How to Get Great Sleep the Night Before Your Wedding Day

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We all know that getting enough sleep is crucial. Not getting enough nightly rest can make us irritable, react slower, under perform on our daily tasks, and lots more. When you’re planning a wedding, you might experience some restless nights. This is especially true those last few weeks leading up to the big day. Being well rested for your wedding day is not impossible though.

Over the course of the next few posts, we’ll be covering several basic tips that you can use to ensure you’re getting your zzz’s before saying your “I Do’s!” For affordable wedding event catering Raleigh NC services, be sure to call Catering by Design. Brides and grooms love our free menu tastings, attention to detail, and unbeatable pricing.

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Tips for Sleeping Better Before Your Wedding Day

Tweak Your Routines and Create a Sleep Schedule

Here’s the first key element to getting better sleep, creating a sleep schedule. Being consistent going to bed each night and waking up by a certain time will get your body on a sleeping schedule. The more you’re consistent with this, the easier it will be to fall asleep at a decent hour.

You should also work on your nightly routines so that they will help your brain trigger sleep. Each night try to do things in certain order. It might seem very odd at first, however, consistency is what it’s all about. If you can try to eat dinner, shower, change into your sleep clothes, brush your teeth, etc. in a certain order and time frame each night, your sleep patterns should improve.

Get Some Exercise

We hope you didn’t think it was just going to be that easy, because there’s a whole lot more coming your way. The next secret to sleep is that you need to also be getting enough exercise. Exercise plays a big role in getting good sleep. Exercise helps you de-stress after a long day, keeps you healthy, and helps you manage body weight. There have actually been studies that show that people who exercise on a regular basis sleep better at night compared to people who do not exercise. However, do not exercise right before bedtime. This can actually wake your brain up and prevent sleep.

Eating and Drinking Habits

Now let’s talk about what you’re eating and drinking. First off, you’re probably trying to cut calories before your wedding, but going to bed hungry can prevent you from sleeping. If you need to snack before bedtime, eat something healthy and drink a tall glass of water.

Do not eat chocolate right before bed. The caffeine in chocolate can keep you awake. Also, try to avoid dinner options that might upset your stomach. Having to get up to use the bathroom many times during the night will interrupt your sleep patterns.

Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol before bedtime. Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps you awake. Even though alcohol is an overall depressant, small amounts can act like a stimulant if you’re trying to hit the hay. We suggest that you avoid drinking alcohol 3 hours before bedtime.

Don’t miss part two of this series for even more great tips on getting more sleep. For amazing catering service, keep reading to see how we can help.

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