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Same Day Wedding Catering?

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Some of our brides plan their wedding catering a year or more in advance. They have a special location reserved, guests coming from a far, live music needing early booking. Sometimes even two years in advance isn’t too soon.

 But one morning, we received a very different call.

It was around 8:30a.m.  The mother of a bride was calling. She had a British accent.

Could we possibly arrange for a wedding reception that same evening?

It was a small family gathering, at a local hotel where we have catered before.


We discussed their choices.

That evening we would set up a hot buffet dinner for their wedding reception in a private room at the hotel.

It was the first time we’d been asked to cater a wedding reception on the same day in over 11 years of catering in the Triangle.


You can’t hear about a same day wedding catering request without wondering how a couple would end up wanting same day wedding catering.

Tracy, our bride, is from England, the single mother of two sons.

She, like hundreds of millions of others these years, was on Facebook and enjoyed playing the online games. While playing, she met a lot of people from all over. But one of them, started to stand out: an American.

Over the weeks that followed Tracey and this gentleman interacted more and more, via chat, then by Skype, telephone over the Internet. The weeks turned to months, and they decided to meet. Tracy came to North Carolina during the summer and had a very lovely visit.

She returned to England, and they continued their relationship long distance. As the fall came they decided to have another longer visit and see how it went. If it went well, they might take the next step.

The story is a sweet one.

Tracy came to North Carolina for several months. The visit went so well they decided to take the next step and get married before her tourist visa expired. Tracy’s sons and her father made travel arrangements, but Tracy’s mother had a medical emergency, so they weren’t sure she could come. Tracy and her fiance chose the chapel at Mordecai for the wedding. They planned to have a dinner at a restaurant after the wedding.

Just a couple of days before the wedding, Tracy’s mother got the doctor’s clearance to come. She arrives the day before the wedding. They drive around town making the last arrangements for cake, flowers and their outfits.

The plan was to have dinner at a local restaurant.

But, first thing in the morning, Tracy’s mother had the inspiration to do something more special than dinner at a restaurant for her daughter’s wedding. She asks the front desk clerk at the hotel they are staying, and the clerk gives her a card for Catering by Design. And we’ve already shared with you the early morning phone call.

How did it go?

Tracy and her fiance got married that day. After returning to the hotel and getting changed for dinner, they came down to the reception room in the hotel, where we had set out a special buffet dinner for the family to enjoy.

How did they like it?

The bride’s mother was thrilled and told us they would never be able to get same day catering in London; where they were from. And Tracey asked us to include this:

“We were very impressed with Catering by Design’s food and service. The food was excellent and everyone was so friendly and helpful. There was no compromise on quality or service just because it was all arranged in one day. Can’t praise them enough.”    — Tracey

And that’s the story of the same day wedding catering request!

We thank Tracey, her husband and their families for giving us permission to tell their story.

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