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How to Safely Deep Fry a Thanksgiving Turkey

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Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. Thousands of families will be stuffing birds and oven roasting them. Some will also be deep frying their Thanksgiving turkeys. Deep fried turkey has become increasingly popular, but it does come with some risks and dangers. If you’re new to deep frying turkeys be sure to read over today’s post. We’ll explain how to safely deep fry your bird so that you don’t end up in the hospital or burn your house down! Holiday catering in Raleigh NC doesn’t get any better than what you’ll find with working with Catering by Design. Our customers rave about our great tasting food, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. Our staff of professionals is standing by to take your call.

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Safely Deep Frying Thanksgiving Turkeys

Start out by removing all the giblets and thawing out the frozen bird completely by soaking it in cold water. Once thawed, make a few small cuts beneath the wings, legs, and neck to let oil drain from the bird after cooking. You’ll also need to pat the turkey dry using paper towels. Put the bird in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes prior to frying to remove any extra moisture as well. You want the bird as dry as possible because water in hot oil is dangerous.

While the bird is thawing out, you can work on finding a flat surface outside for your deep fryer. Be sure to put the deep fryer far away from your home and anything that could easily catch fire. Do not set up your deep fryer on a wooden deck.

Really Important

The biggest, and most dangerous, risk when deep frying a turkey is overfilling the pot with too much oil. If the pot is too full with oil the turkey will displace it creating an epic grease fire. There is a way to keep this from happening. Follow these steps below to prevent a Thanksgiving grease fire.

  • First put the turkey into your fry pot.
  • Pour water into the pot until the turkey is covered by only an inch of water.
  • Remove the turkey and score the water line with a knife; this is your oil fill line.

Make sure that your fill line is no more than three inches from the pot’s top. Five or more inches below the rim will be even better.

Time to Fry

Let the oil heat up to 375 degrees. Once the oil is ready double check to make sure your turkey is secure in the fry basket or lift hook. Attach the fry basket or hook to a broomstick or other long pole. Put on your apron, gloves, and goggles for safety. Cut off the burner and get a friend or family member to help you slowly lower the turkey into the oil to prevent splashing. Cutting off the burner will ensure that any oil that might spill over does not ignite the whole pot.

The turkey will reduce the oil temp by about 50 degrees so cut the burner back on to high. Once the oil reaches 350 reduce the burner output until it levels out and stays around this temperature. Set your timer based on the weight of the bird (3 1/2 minutes per pound of bird). For instance, a 10 pound turkey will take about 35 minutes to fully cook in the fryer.

Do not leave the turkey fryer unattended while it’s in use. Always be sure someone is watching it to prevent an accident.

Right before your timer is almost done pull the turkey out just enough to pop in a meat thermometer. You’ll want it to read 165 degrees. If it’s not 165 degrees, let the turkey continue cooking for a few more minutes.

Removing the Turkey

Once the turkey has been thoroughly cooked, you’ll need to slowly remove it from the pot. Cut the burner off first. Then find the same pole that you used earlier to lift the turkey out of the oil. Let it linger over your pot for a few minutes to allow for draining and then place on paper towel lined platter or baking sheet.

Let the turkey sit for about 20 minutes after removing from the pot to cool down and continue draining. Then carve the bird and enjoy it.

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