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Reception Catering Tips | Meals That Wow Your Wedding Guests

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Want Your Reception Catering to Impress?

Your wedding reception catering will likely claim a large chunk of your wedding budget. Because of this, some brides think it’s impossible to wow their guests at their wedding reception. It doesn’t have to be – At Catering by Design, we have menus to fit any budget and offer free tastings. We’ve put together some reception catering tips that will help keep you within your budget, and make the biggest impact possible on your guests.

reception catering food presentation

Food presentation should be an extension of your wedding décor

You want your guests to eat with their eyes first, stomach second. Make sure your wedding reception catering is displayed in a beautiful arrangement. The goal is to have the food offered in manner that complements your décor, and not looking like an ordinary meal. Food, no matter if served in a buffet or butlered, should look as good as it tastes. You and your guests will love the end result!


Comfort Foods, Local Treats and Themes

A great way to make a heavy impact on your guests is to offer unique reception catering food items such as childhood and hometown favorites, unique local dishes, or fun themed menus.

Think about southern delicacies, traditional ethnic foods, or maybe incorporating your own family recipes. These food options will really immerse your guests in the flavors and provide them with great conversation and memories.

Catering by Design offers free, private tastings for brides and grooms to make sure the food we make matches your unique tastes and reception catering vision. Give us a call – our food speaks for itself.

Variety of Serving Styles

Buffet style reception catering is currently very popular. You can go as fancy as you want with as many food options as you like. That’s not a knock on formal dinners; they’re still heavily requested. No matter which style you choose, mix it up with interactive serving stations or butlered hors d’oeuvres.

When you’re ready to plan your wedding reception catering, we hope you will consider calling Catering by Design. We’re a Wedding Wire Award Winning Caterer and we would love an opportunity to serve you and your family.