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Raleigh Wedding Reception Catering |Fall Wedding Buffets

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Raleigh NC wedding catering buffet style inside
Customizing your wedding reception catering involves lots of planning. Which caterer should I pick? Should I have a formal meal, serve heavy appetizers, or just stick with a coffee and dessert reception? Do we want to serve chicken, steak or pork? Where is crazy Uncle Joe going to sit?

Want to make these decisions a little easier? Have a buffet-style reception. The variety of benefits will make any future bride happy. At Catering by Design, our buffets provide tremendous affordability and functionality, with elegant styling.

Brides can save money while still keeping their reception amazing when using a buffet.

For most, Raleigh wedding reception catering can be expensive. It might be one of the largest ticket items in your budget but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Choosing a buffet reception can help eliminate a lot of the extra costs associated with a formal sit-down dinner. With a buffet, typically the serving staff is much smaller, the food doesn’t have to be plated and tables do not have to be preset.

You get the same quality food just served in a different way, and that provides a little more freedom with your budget.

Buffets offers your guests functional freedom.

With a buffet, brides get the best of both worlds; a formal meal with the functionality and freedom of a social reception. Your guests will appreciate the freedom to sit where they want, and the bride doesn’t have to worry about a seating chart.

With a formal meal, you’ll have to spend money on place cards. Your guests all sit at assigned tables and no one typically gets up to visit until after the meal. A buffet allows everyone to sit where they like, get their meal at their convenience and the food is out for a little longer with more variety for your guests.

Raleigh Wedding Reception Catering Tip:

Buffets are the best option for wedding receptions that will have a lot of children attending. With the kids in mind, you can offer more options so everyone enjoys the meal.


Buffets can be customized to your needs.

With buffet receptions, the best Raleigh wedding reception catering companies will butler your meal with a wait staff dressed in black tie attire if you desire, or will serve you and your guest in a more casual fashion. Nevertheless, brides can unquestionably create a lavish and exquisite reception using buffet style catering.

At Catering by Design, brides can completely customize how formal the buffet is by incorporating their own ideas with our  wedding menus. From the country Southern Style Buffet, to the most enchanting formal meals, brides can create a buffet experience that fits perfectly with their North Carolina fall wedding. Call our kitchen today and ask about our free tasting sessions.