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Raleigh Corporate Event Catering | Tips for your Company Picnic

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Have you been thinking about having a catered corporate picnic for your employees? Let’s face it; summer is a difficult time to work in the office. Everyone wants to play outside. So why not let them? Let Catering by Design, a Raleigh corporate event catering company, plan your next corporate party, picnic or event. These are great ways to give back to your employees. They can be held during the week or over the weekend. Make sure to extend an invitation to the rest of the worker’s family as well.
Raleigh Corporate Event Catering - Grilled Corn
To create a successful event, hire a professional catering company that has experience hosting corporate events instead of asking coworkers to man the grill, cook, pour drinks, or other mundane tasks that you see at picnics. Catering for Raleigh corporate events allows everyone that attends to simply relax and have fun. Additionally, the caterer will provide the food, drinks, silverware and plates which will decrease your stress levels.

Ready to get started? First, you need a time and location. Figure out if you’re holding the event on or off site.

Secondly, plan your budget. This will determine almost all of the decisions from here on out. You have to figure out how much you have to spend and how much you are willing to spend. Next, determine a theme. This is not really necessary but themes make events more fun and you can also choose food that fits your theme.
Raleigh Corporate Event Catering Tips
Raleigh Corporate Event Super Tip: Make note on the invitations whether your company event will be kid friendly or not. You’ll need to give any workers with children adequate time to find a sitter if the event is not suitable for kids.

Finally, the food! Make sure to choose the right food that fits your budget and works within your theme. Catering by Design offers budget friendly menus for any event.
Raleigh Corporate Event Catering with a beach theme
Food, Fun and Friendship … Our team understands what it takes to serve yours, so consider Catering by Design for your next corporate picnic. Need help with food and location? We’re the preferred vendor for lots of venues around the Triangle and have contacts far and wide that we can provide you with. Call today, the summer will be over before you know it.