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Perfect Petals for Your Wedding

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If you have been following our blog then you know we’ve been writing a lot about this year’s most talked about wedding trends. We even recently published part one in a series on wedding flowers where we discussed this year’s top flowers, buds, and the seasons they go best with. Today we are going to continue that series with part two of the flower trends and discuss some of the finer details and alternative ideas that we like.

Flower Crowns

We really like this trend and it fits in well with the country wedding theme that North Carolina brides love so much. Wearable flower crowns are not anything new, but more and more brides are becoming accepting of this bohemian look. Especially a good alternative for brides wanting a casual, or beach wedding, this idea is great for spring, summer, and fall weddings in North Carolina.

You really have limitless possibilities with this trend and can use delicate flowers like gypsophila, or go with fuller blooms like a rose and hydrangea mixture for a big impact.

Spring Pastels

Pastel colors are always a springtime favorite here in NC. These pretty colors celebrate warmer weather and a transition into a new season. We suggest using soft and creamy color palettes in peach, coral, powder blue, violet, and ivory.

Summery Hanging Flowers

For your wedding reception flowers, take advantage of your lovely venue and keep your guests looking up, instead of down. A great idea we love for North Carolina weddings is statement trees. Basically pick out the most unique tree on the grounds and hang bottles from the branches filled with pretty, fresh cut flowers. Great for country and rustic weddings this will make the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. You can also add battery powered, miniature LED lights to the bottom of the bottles for an awesome night time effect.

You can also use hanging baskets in a waterfall-like display for outside weddings. Petunias are a great choice and come in many beautiful colors.

Winter Wool

Winter can be a hard month in some states to get premium flowers and blooms, but one hot European trend that we really like is taking hold in America and can help with this problem. Some brides are loving the idea of using natural, earthy materials as featured elements in their wedding bouquet. Using materials like wool to wrap their wedding bouquets is a really unique idea that adds a nice level of creativity. Shades of grey wool would be a great compliment to most winter bouquets.

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