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More Options For Preserving Wedding Bouquets

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Welcome back to our final installment on preserving your wedding bouquet. In our last entry we gave you a few options that work great for keeping your gorgeous blooms well preserved. This way they’ll last for many years. Part one covered flower preserving basics, like planning ahead, keeping the flowers fresh, and more. If you missed our last two posts, we hope you’ll take the time the check them out.

Today we will be covering a few more options that you can use or preserving your wedding bouquet. Keep reading to learn more. If you’re looking for affordable Raleigh caterers for an upcoming wedding, call Catering by Design. Be sure to ask about our free menu tastings.
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The Other Options For Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

The Pressing Method

This options is for brides who only want to save a few of her flowers and not the whole arrangement. I guess you could save the entire bouquet, but it would take a while to complete as you cannot get a good result unless you dismantle the arrangement.

You’ll need some heavy books or other flat weights and some newspaper. Place your blooms and greenery between the newspaper sheets and then place the heavy object on top. Your weighted flattener should be big enough to fully cover your blooms and heavy enough to press them enough to close the petals. Pressing usually takes two to three weeks to complete.

The Air Drying Method

Air drying is probably the most common way to dry out your wedding bouquet. It’s also an inexpensive alternative for keeping the entire arrangement together. All you have to do is find a place to hang the bouquet upside down where it will not get damaged. For it to be completely dried it out, it will take a few weeks to a few months depending on it’s size. You can buy a preservation box to store it in after it has finished drying.

This is the least expensive way to preserve your flowers. However, it’s also an option with varying results. The flowers will not retain their original colors, but they will give off a pretty vintage look.

We hope these last few posts will help you out with your quest for preserving your wedding bouquet. If you need affordable and dependable catering for any upcoming event, keep reading to see how we can help.

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