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Methods For Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

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The spring wedding season is in full bloom. If you’re a bride that is getting married this year, let us be the first to say congratulations! Today, we’re talking more about wedding bouquets. Most brides really take a lot of pride in this iconic wedding element. That’s why we’re helping you out with some great tips on flower preservation.

In our last post, we talked about the basics of preserving your flowers, and how to get started. This included planning ahead, making an outline / timeline, and keeping the bouquet fresh. Read more about preserving your wedding bouquet here.

Part two and three, will be breaking down your different preservation options. Let’s take a closer look! If you’re searching for Raleigh catering companies for your wedding, make the call to Catering by Design. You’ll love our prices and customer service. Be sure to ask about our delivery options and free menu tastings as well.

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The Methods For Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

The Freeze-Drying Method

This method is one of the most expensive, mainly because it has to be done by a professional. However, you’ll get a big pay-off and brides are usually extremely happy with their return on their investment. This process involves covering the flowers with a spray on starch. Then the bouquet is placed into a freeze-drying machine to expel all the moisture in the plants. Expect this option to take a few months to complete.

The Silica Gel Method

If you’re really into doing it yourself, then you’ll love this popular DIY option. Using the silica gel method is really easy and affordable. Plus, you can find it in most craft stores. You can use this option in a few different ways, but we find these directions to be the easiest.

First, get a large enough container to hold all or part of your bouquet. Two or more containers will also work. Next, crush the silica gel up so that it mimics fine sand like conditions. Line the bottom of your container with a layer of the crushed silica gel. Now you’ll want to add a layer of flowers or greenery. For some of your blooms, you may need to remove most of the stem. Cover this layer with the crushed silica. From here, you’ll want to alternate layers until your box is filled to the top. The top layer should only be silica. Seal the box and store it in a warm place for about 2 weeks. After drying, the flowers should look as bright and colorful as they did on your wedding day.

This method works greats for flowers like orchids, roses, peonies, and other sturdy blooms. There’s also several videos online on how to do this properly if you need some extra information.

Want a few more tips on how to preserve your wedding bouquet? Check out the final post in this series. Looking for an awesome caterer for an upcoming wedding or event? Keep reading to see how Catering By Design can help.

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