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Pre-Wedding Yoga Reduces Stress

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If you’re getting married, you’re probably going to get stressed out at some point during the planning. Stress is just a part of life that we all have to deal with. It’s unavoidable. This is especially true if you’re juggling lots of responsibilities. That’s why de-stressing is so important. Yoga is a great place to start. It can really help you deal with pre-wedding stress, and we’ll tell you why below. If you’re still searching for Raleigh wedding catering, call Catering By Design. We offer free menu tastings.

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De-Stress Yourself With Yoga

Yoga Breathing

You’ve probably heard the saying “take a deep breath” all of your life, right? There’s a good reason why. When you’re stressed out, you’re taking short shallow breaths that only partially fills your lungs. This will only exacerbate your stress levels. However, deep nasal belly breaths lowers cortisol, the stress hormone, and supplies the brain with more oxygen. Yoga also utilizes deep breathing techniques to relax the mind and body. The technical term is Pranayama. This results in a calmer state of mind. You’ll be able to better focus on solutions instead of dwelling in stress depression.

You’ll Be Able To Sleep Better

Being stressed out can really affect your ability to sleep. In fact, it’s a vicious cycle. The more you’re stressed, the less you’ll sleep. The more sleep you lose, the more stressed out you’ll be. Yoga helps break this from happening. In a 2004 study, research proved that people suffering from chronic insomnia dramatically improved their total nightly sleep time and quality of sleep after 8 weeks of yoga.

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