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Practical Ideas for In-Office Catering

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Business Catering Raleigh NC

Did you know that Catering By Design was more than a wedding catering company? We are also one of the top providers for affordable business catering Raleigh NC services. We’ve actually been the number one choice for office catering for over two decades serving businesses throughout the Triangle area. We’ve recently updated our corporate menus and wanted to give you all a few ideas on how our catering services can be practical for your next meeting or event.

For starters, our business catering menus are budget friendly for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. We can help you with full meals, or light snacks and coffee. We also have a full section dedicated to light and healthy options. Our customers love the fact that our menus are out of the ordinary, and not just the standard sandwiches and chips. We have several different menu options to choose from such our traditional southern menu that features several of North Carolina’s favorite culinary delights. We also have the All American Menu, The Southwestern Menu, as well as Tropical and Asian influenced menus. You can also choose full service catering, or just delivery.

Our business catering Raleigh NC services are perfect for both formal and casual business events. Whether you are having a formal awards banquet, or casual team building adventure, Catering By Design will be there to make sure everyone has a great meal.

Affordable Business Catering Raleigh NC Services

Catering By Design is your go-to business catering Raleigh NC speciality company when you need great customer service and awesome prices. We’ve recently updated our corporate menu section for 2015 and have prices to fit any of your corporate events. We can also just deliver the food at your scheduled time if you do not require full-service catering. After we make sure everything is OK and approved, we’ll pack up and take off. Many of our customers love this budget friendly option.

Still not sure about our food and service? Then give us a call today and ask us about our Lunch And Learn Program. This is where we all get to know each other over some of our food and you get to tell us what you think. Our schedules are already filling up so call us today to get on the list.