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How to Handle Postponing or Canceling Your Wedding

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Getting married is one of life’s most celebrated events. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not always work out as planned and the wedding might need to be postponed or canceled.

The reasons this might need to happen are many, and none of them are happy or simple, but if the decision has been made then this short series will help you deal with telling your family, guests and vendors. However, if you are searching for the best Raleigh wedding catering, then please call Catering by Design for an affordable option.

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Postponing or Canceling Your Wedding

When postponing or canceling your wedding, there are few ways to handle it. Which you choose may depend on if the invites and RSVP’s have been sent out already. Even if the marriage date had been decided on, you’ll find it a lot easier to deal with if the invites have not been sent out. Postponing notifications could be sent out like a new save-the-date card, email, or private message on social media. We’ve even seen couples make the announcement that the date had moved by placing an announcement in their local newspaper.

However, regardless of whether the invitations have been sent out or not, be sure to still personally notify your family, the wedding party, and closest friends first. Then move on to your vendors to get your scheduling straight.

Invites Have Been Mailed

Say you’ve already mailed out the invites, then what do you? In our opinion, you call every single guest and explain the situation. You do not have to get too personal if it makes you uncomfortable, however this would be the most adult way of handling it. You can always mail out rescheduling or cancellation notices if you feel too awkward speaking to people.

Finally, don’t forget to reschedule your honeymoon. Be aware of your cancellation policies and know that some resorts will only offer partial refunds, or none at all, for short-notice cancellations.

Hopefully you’ll never have to deal with a situation like this, but if you do, then maybe this series will help you handle it appropriately. Don’t miss part two where we’ll be discussing even more tips on postponing or canceling your wedding.

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