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Planning a Bridal Shower

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Throwing a bridal shower, wedding shower, or couple’s shower is a fun and practical way to start the bride and groom off on the right foot. This event can be held either before or after the wedding ceremony. Tradition says that it’s the bride’s maid of honor’s responsibility to take care of all of the planning, but in today’s world, this might not always be the case. Regardless of who takes the reins, the planning and organizing can be somewhat hectic, especially if this is your first one.

Over the course of the next few posts, we’re going to give you all the information you need to know so that your wedding shower goes off without a hitch. If you need wedding catering Raleigh NC services, please call Catering by Design to schedule your free menu tasting!

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How to Plan a Wonderful Bridal Shower

Who’s Going to Host?

Like we mentioned above, traditionally the maid of honor did the hosting and planning. This is because it used to be somewhat awkward for the family to host as it was seen as if said family was using this party to solicit gifts for the newlyweds. But times have changed, and it’s no longer weird for family members to take care of all the details. With the cost of just being a bridesmaid increasing every year, it might be a great idea for a family member to take care of the planning and hosting. This will help spread out some of the expenditures involved.

Who’s Going to Be Invited?

The wedding shower is typically an event for close family and friends, so your guest list should reflect the same. Traditionally, this event was held just for the women, but today there are many “Jack-and-Jill Showers.” Couples showers are very popular these days so invites can go out to male and female family and friends.

We suggest that you include the friends and family of both the bride and groom, and members of the wedding party including the flower girl and her mom, the ring bearer and parents, both sets of grandparents, etc. Just keep in mind that everyone that is invited to the shower should also to be invited to the wedding.

Don’t miss part two of this series where we’ll give you even more tips for planning the perfect wedding shower for your favorite couple. If you’re still searching for wedding catering, keep reading to see how Catering by Design can help.

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