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Is It OK To Get Married New Year’s Eve?

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Is it really OK to get married on New Year’s eve? Will people even show up if you do? Great questions all around that we’re going to answer in today’s post. For the best Raleigh caterers for any occasion, be sure to call Catering By Design. You’ll love our prices and top notch customer service.

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Can I Get Married on New Year’s Eve?

For some, getting married over the holidays can be a dream come true. That’s why New Year’s Eve can be a popular choice for couples looking to add an extra element of fun and excitement to their big day. Deciding to get married on New Year’s Eve is perfectly OK. However, you have to know that there might be a few draw backs.

Below we’ll name a few of the top concerns you will need to be made aware of before making an executive decision.

The Problem With The Date – If you want to get married on 12/31, then be prepared to give your guests plenty of notice. We mean months! You’ll also need plenty of time to to hire your vendors and secure your venue. You might have issues with these services if you wait until the last minute. Furthermore, you might face higher charges due to the holiday season.

Declined Invites – If you decide to plan to get married over this specific holiday, understand that you might get more declined invitations returned back to you. Many families have their own NYE celebration traditions that are planned months, or even years in advance. So don’t be surprised if you have more declines than you first expected, and don’t take it personal either.

Don’t get us wrong, getting married on NYE is a fabulous idea. It will be super fun and exciting. But like with everything in life, there are some pros and cons. Don’t miss our next post for more great ideas on New Year’s Eve weddings. We’ll be discussing things you can incorporate to make sure your NYE wedding night is a huge hit. For great prices and customer service on holiday catering, keep reading to see how Catering By Design can help.

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