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More Office Gift Exchange Ideas

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If you work in a job setting that is full of holiday cheer, you might be having your gift exchange soon, or after the first of the year. If you want to switch things up a little, you can check out part one of this series and then read the rest of this post below. We wanted to give you a few more ideas of how you can add something different to your gift exchange instead of doing the same thing you have done the past few years. Still need to plan your corporate holiday party? Call Catering By Design for affordable and top notch business catering Raleigh NC services.

Book Swap – This idea will only work if everyone likes to read books. It does not matter if the books are on a kindle, or iPad, or a traditional hardcover. Have all the participants write their names and a few of their favorite types of books. Encourage your employees to either buy a real book or a gift card to purchase an e-book. At the gift exchange draw names out of a hat. You can even combine this with elements of White Elephant, or Dirty Santa for extra fun.

Present Auction – This is a new way to add a little spice and friendly competition to the annual gift exchange. Everyone who wants to participate in the present auction should bring in a gift of a set value that will be put on display in the office. Each participant will then be assigned 100 points to use in the auction (you can use as many points as you like). The present auction should continue until everyone has used up their points and wins a gift. You can also hold a silent auction if this will make everyone more comfortable. Just get some boxes with lids and have them out so participants can write their bids on slips of paper to be drawn later. Assign someone to calculate the winners afterward.

Coffee Mug Exchange – We think this idea is fantastic. Most of your officemates probably drink coffee or tea, right? Exchanging fun and decorative coffee mugs is a great and inexpensive way to have a gift exchange. You can also have fun with this and find gag gift coffee mugs with silly themes. You can also do traditional coffee mugs stuffed with edible treats inside like candies, biscotti, hot cocoa, or chocolate. This can be done Secret Santa or White Elephant style, just set a price limit and have fun.

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