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NC Special Event Catering Tips for Booking Holiday Parties

Who would ever think about scheduling a holiday party in the middle of summer? For most, these days are more about margaritas than mistletoe. For the catering experts, like Catering By Design, booking holiday parties fits right beside summer weddings, graduation events and Fourth of July barbecues.

Booking your holiday party on our calendar early not only helps our event planners fill our catering calendar, but it helps you, the client, focus on more important year-end issues. Getting your event on our books early will also ensure getting the best dates, venues and other perks.

At Catering by Design, our staff really knows our clients well. We can easily recognize the ones that really appreciate being first. It’s important for them to get their dates and venues solidified with us, sooner rather than later, because of how quickly we book up. Unlike other caterers, we are fortunate in that lots of our holiday party bookings are reoccurring events. Some of these bookings begin as early as mid-January.

NC Special Event Catering Tip: Have your sales people reach out to the client a week after the holiday party and give them the option of putting down a deposit for the following year at a small discount.


If you do your part as a professional, many clients will take advantage of this opportunity due in part to the scarcity of choice calendar slots. Securing preferred dates a year in advance, and at a discount, is attractive to most customers. From our experience, typically we can get the Friday and the two Saturdays before Christmas booked in January by using a similar technique.

For those customers that miss out on being the early birds, we send out midsummer reminders. Another thing you can do to encourage early bookings is to hold a Christmas in July event. It’s a clever summer marketing drive that easily transitions into holiday party planning.

Don’t forget to network. At your NC special event catering functions, no matter the season, ask the client about holiday parties. It is okay to bring this subject up with your client if you feel they are pleased with your current event. It never hurts to plant ideas for repeat business. Some clients will even appreciate your forward thinking in helping them plan out a stressful event months, instead of weeks, before the event.

If you’re in need of the very best in NC special event catering, give us a call. We’re an award winning caterer that lives to serve. Our food is made with love and we treat you like a member of our very own family. Call us today and let us cook for you!