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Mother of the Groom – Her Duties for Your Wedding

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The groom’s mom doesn’t get as much attention as the mother of the bride. That’s okay, as it’s tradition that the bride’s family take care of most of the responsibilities. However, in today’s world both sets of parents usually help out about equally. That means that if you’re planning a wedding you definitely should do everything you can to include the groom’s mom as much as possible.

There are actually some job duties that you can assign her, and there are also some things that she should do on her own. In the next two posts we’ll cover these in more detail.

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What the Groom’s Mom Should Do on Her Own

Plan a Family Dinner

After the couple gets engaged, she should plan a family get together for the groom’s side of the family. The bride’s parents should be invited as well. The goal is to celebrate the engagement and have the groom’s family get to know their future in-laws.

Wedding Shower

The groom’s mother should get all the information for the wedding shower, including where the couple is registered, and communicate it to the rest of the groom’s family. She should attend the wedding shower, if possible, and bring a gift from the registry.

Groom’s Guest List

The groom is going to help coming up with his part of the wedding guest list. The M.O.G. should suggest invitees and get all the correct addresses and provide them to the couple.

Rehearsal Dinner

The groom’s family should help the couple plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner. If there are any family recipes that you want to show off, here’s the perfect time. Raleigh wedding catering at Catering by Design can help you with all of these fine details, including using your own family recipes. Call today to learn more.

Mother and Son Dance

At most wedding receptions, the groom and his mom also share a dance. Make your future mother in law aware of this and allow her to help plan it. She and her son should also practice beforehand.

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