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More Thanksgiving Cooking Mistakes

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For some people, Thanksgiving is all about the food. Even though visiting with friends and family is great, getting a chance to enjoy a specialty dish that’s only served once a year is their favorite part. A great way to ruin that experience is by making some Thanksgiving cooking and meal mistakes.

In our last post, we discussed a few big mistakes some people make with Thanksgiving meals. These included not having a plan or being organized, waiting too long to buy a turkey and then not properly thawing it out, and why rushing the cooking process will only burn the bird.

Today we’re continuing with even more Thanksgiving cooking mistakes you should avoid making. If you’re in search of affordable Raleigh holiday catering for next big event, be sure to call Catering by Design. You’ll love our awesome prices, outstanding customer service, and amazing flavors.

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More Thanksgiving Cooking Mistakes to Avoid

Not Asking for Help

Trying to do everything for Thanksgiving by yourself is a huge mistake. You’re going to be so busy that you’ll eventually forget about something. That’s why it’s a great idea to ask your friends and family for help. Ask your guests to bring a dessert or side item. You can also ask your family for help getting all the decorations up and the table set.

Brining Mistakes

Most turkeys at today’s supermarkets come pre-brined, so don’t over do it. However, you can still add a dry rub to the outside of your turkey prior to roasting it if you want a crispier skin. Just make sure you read the label so you don’t make a mistake. Not brining the bird at all will leave it dry and flavorless.

Stuffing the Bird with Stuffing You’re Going to Eat

Getting all of your guests sick would be a huge mistake, wouldn’t you say? That’s why you should never stuff your holiday turkey with the stuffing you’re planning on serving and eating. Do everyone a favor and cook your stuffing in a separate casserole dish.

Bad Carving Skills

Don’t ruin a perfectly cooked turkey by butchering the carving part. This is like the big finale so you don’t want mess everything up right before it’s time to eat. Either use a carving guide to help or just relinquish these duties to someone with more experience.

We hope the last two posts will help you avoid making a drastic Thanksgiving cooking mistake. If you need help with planning the food for your next event, please keep reading to see how Catering by Design can help you.

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