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More Risks of Opening a Restaurant

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Welcome back to our next installment where we’re talking about the risks involved in owning and operating your own restaurant. In our last post we talked about hiring inexperienced staff and having enough money. To read more about these restaurant risks please click here. Below you’ll find several more risky scenarios you should be aware of. If you need the best corporate catering Raleigh NC services this fall or winter, calling Catering by Design should be your next move. Give our pros a ring today. We’re standing by to answer your questions and take your order.

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The Risks of Opening a Restaurant You Should Be Aware of

Terrible Location

Location, location, location. Location is one of the most important ingredients to success when opening a restaurant. If you’re opening a new restaurant and you choose a terrible location then you’re going to fail. Location can also work for and against you. You’ll need a safe and high-traffic area. However, if you open strictly in a restaurant heavy district then rent and competition will be higher.

Liabilities and Injuries

Owning a restaurant could mean opening yourself up to liability claims if a customer or employee gets injured in your establishment. Slips and falls, foodborne illnesses from spoiled foods, severe cuts, and more, are all incidents that could impact your insurance and business operations.

Restaurant Failure

Lots of small and new businesses fail each year regardless of the industry you’re in. You need to know and understand that the potential for this happening is high. Even if you’ve done everything right, it does not mean your restaurant will be successful. If your venture does fail that will mean a big loss of income for you and the people you employ.

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