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More Office Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas

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Thanks for joining us for part two in our short series on how to have a non-traditional Thanksgiving office party this year. If you’re just now joining us, part one discussed a few outside of the box ways to express thanks to your employees. These included arts and crafts, a thank you wall, plus a few more. To read these great Thanksgiving office party tips, click here.

Today we are going to focus more on the aspect of giving and how you can turn your traditional office party into a way to help others who need it most. Are you searching for Raleigh caterers for the holidays? Why not try Catering by Design? We’re the number one catering company in the Triangle area!

Giving Back

We typically only focus on the “thanks” part of Thanksgiving by indulging in our favorite foods and pastimes. This year concentrate on the “giving” part and help your employees give back with the tips we’ve outlined below.

Volunteer Your Time – Instead of having a traditional Thanksgiving office party, why not donate that time? Volunteering your time is just as, or sometimes even more, important than donating money. Allow your employees to take time off to help out at a soup kitchen, or the Helping Hand Mission, or one of the many other organizations that need help over the holidays. Encourage your employees to take pictures of their good deeds to document their volunteering and to inspire others in the office to do the same.

Big Group Give Back – While it’s great to let your employees volunteer at their place of choice, you can also give a boost to your giving spirit by taking a full day away from the office, as a group, and joining your local community by helping out at the places you’re needed most. Again, this can be with a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, plus many more. Furthermore, giving back as a company is great marketing exposure.

Create Your Own Event to Sponsor – Here is a great idea; instead of participating in an event that someone else created, why not just create your own? You can do whatever you like to raise money and awareness for the charities that your company values most. You can hold a raffle, a dinner, silent auction, and so much more. You can even do something on a smaller scale, such as holding a toy, clothing, or food drive.

Company Competition – If you do decide to have a traditional holiday party this year, instead of giving out gifts, prizes, or other trinkets, how about making a donation to charity in that employee’s name? This is a perfect way to give back without having to throw a big event to do so.

We hope these tips will help you have a wonderful holiday office party this year. Please continue reading if you’re interested in top quality catering services in Raleigh.

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