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More Foods That Irritate IBS

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Welcome back to our series on IBS triggering foods. If you’re just now joining us, part one talked about IBS triggers like dairy, caffeine, and HFC’s. Part two will continue with even more foods that you should avoid to reduce symptoms of irritable bowl syndrome. Check them out below.

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More Foods That Trigger IBS

Carbonated Beverages: Suffering from IBS can seemingly limit your drink options unless you’re creative and an avid label reader. This leads us to carbonated beverages like soda, seltzer, or other fizzy drinks. These bubbles from carbonation creates the same fizzy effect in the GI tract. Stick with water or lactose-free milk to quench your thirst and avoid IBS symptoms.

Sugar-free Chewing Gum and Other Candies: Here is another diarrhea causing culprit, sugar-free gum and candy. While you might be trying to avoid cavities, gums and candy made with artificial sweeteners like sorbitol and xylitol can upset your IBS and you might get stuck trying to find a restroom in a hurry. Furthermore, chewing gum actually makes you swallow air which can make you gassy.

Odds and Ends: Other diarrhea triggering foods to avoid include fried and fatty foods, foods with lots of wheat, and eating foods with too much fiber. To reduce your constipation symptoms, avoid eating refined beans, grains, and cereals as well as foods that are high in protein content.

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid the symptoms of IBS so you can feel better each day. A few dietary changes just might do the trick.

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