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More Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding Budget

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Raleigh caterers It amazes me how expensive weddings have become in North Carolina. These days getting hitched in NC will cost you about $27 grand on average. In Raleigh, just getting married will run you between $22,857 and $38,095. These dollar amounts are based on figures from Costofwedding.com, which is a site that tracks wedding costs across the US. If you’re about to get engaged, or are in the early planning stages of your wedding, you should continue reading this post. It will give you a lot of great insight on how to still have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of,  without breaking your bank account, or taking on an extreme amount of debt.

Saving Money for Your Wedding

Saving money is all about figuring out what you can and cannot do without. How much you’ll save depends on how much you sacrifice. Don’t get too down on yourself if you find that have you to cut some things as this only means that you’ll have to get a little creative with your budgeting.

One of the first cuts that we recommend is trimming down your guest list. If you can invite 50 or less people to your wedding, then you’ll be starting out on the right foot for saving money. The fewer people that attend means the fewer people to plan for, and fewer people that will need to eat and drink. If you find yourself really struggling with your wedding budget, then why not just ditch the reception all together? You will literally save thousands of dollars on your upfront costs. You can still have a reception, just wait until you get back from your honeymoon. Upon your arrival back home plan to have a casual party, or a cookout, and invite your friends and family to celebrate.

Can’t skip the reception? Then shorten it and make it B.Y.O.B. Making the reception time shorter could save you a lot of money as some venues and contractors work on a per-hour basis. The fewer hours hired means money back into your pocket. You can also have a light reception without serving a full meal. Just be sure to plan your reception between meal times so your guests do not feel starved. Serving alcohol at a wedding is also a money grabber. Having your guests bring their own really will cut your own expenses down as it’s more cost efficient to provide coolers with ice than bottles and bottles of spirits, wine, and beer.

Also, be sure to pick a wedding venue that will work for you and your wedding needs. Make sure your wedding and reception venue is just big enough for your big day. You can really waste a lot of money by renting a space that is too large. For instance, if only 50 people were invited to your wedding and reception, then do not even look at venues for 300 or more guests. The larger wedding and reception venues will usually be higher in cost. If you find that the wedding venues in your area are just too expensive, then why not just get married in your backyard? Nowhere is it carved in stone that a bride must rent a space to get married so spend the months leading up to your big day by landscaping and getting your own home ready. This plan works well in two ways actually. You’re going to be spending money on home improvements which will actually be used for your wedding day, but the impact will last for years and years to come. You’ll be adding value to your property as you go along.

Top Rated Raleigh Caterers for Weddings

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