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Lucky New Year’s Foods to Eat

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Many people ring in the new year by eating a traditional meal with their family and friends. These foods are supposed to bring the person good luck, good health and good fortune. So what should be on your menu for your big New Year’s Day meal? We put together a list of our favorite good luck foods that will make your New Year’s feast complete. If you want to take this holiday off to spend time with your family and friends, be sure to call Catering by Design. Letting us do all the work means you’ll get to enjoy the New Year’s celebrations. Our affordable caterers Raleigh NC menu packages are affordable and perfect for any size New Year’s celebration. Call today to learn more!

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Lucky New Year’s Foods to Eat

Bring on the Greens
Collard, mustard, and turnip greens, and even kale are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Eve because of their green color. This is to represent good fortune.

Pork for Progress
You’ll want to eat ham or some sort of pork on New Year’s Day to keep making positive progress. After all, pigs constantly root forward. Plus, eating rich and flavorful pork foods can also represent good fortune.

Long Noodles
Eating long length noodles can symbolize having a long life. Also, slurping your noodles on New Year’s is considered to be a form of good luck.

Colorful Cornbread
Cornbread is big hit here in the South. We mainly eat it as a symbol of good fortune to come. Let the golden color represent a golden financial opportunity for you ahead.

Round Cakes
If you want a good New Year’s dessert, eat ring shaped cakes for good luck. Ring shaped cakes can also represent coming full circle in life.

What Not to Eat

No Chicken or Lobster

They say it’s bad luck to eat chicken on New Year’s Day because the animal is always scratching backwards. This can represent moving backwards instead of making progress in life. This could also foreshadow regret and other setbacks. Lobsters also frequently move backwards, especially when they’re in danger, therefore avoid eating these too.

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