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Reasons to Love Winter Weddings

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raleigh wedding cateringDid you know that the winter months have slowly climbed the scale of one of the year’s most popular wedding seasons? May through June still holds down the top spot, with fall right behind, but December and January have moved into the number 3 most desired time of the year to get married.

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss all the great reasons why you should love winter weddings! Are you searching for high quality, yet affordable Raleigh wedding catering services? If so, call the professionals at Catering by Design. We’ve been serving smiles to brides and grooms for decades. Call and ask about our free menu tastings!

Wonderful Winter Weddings

Believe in Magic – There is just something about winter weddings that can make you believe that magic actually exists. A winter wedding is romantic, like that first snowfall of the year. All of the elements combined give off a very magical ambiance. To maximize your winter wedding, try incorporating faux snow and Christmas lights into your decorations.

Seasonal Elements Provide Uniqueness – Your wedding will definitely stand out if you make use of all of the unique seasonal elements and decorations. Experiment with your theme by using snowflakes, holiday lights, pinecones, poinsettias, holly, and even mistletoe to create a true winter wonderland scene.

First Choice of Vendors – Another great reason you’ll love winter weddings is that most of your favorite vendors will be available. Spring, summer and fall are all really busy times of the year for wedding vendors and you might have to make sacrifices to get the vendors that you want. By skipping June and October to have a December, January, or February wedding your chances at booking all of your top picks dramatically increases. You might also find that vendors charge less during the winter months compared to the busier seasons.

Your Wedding Will Stand Out, Naturally – Because the winter months have a different “feel” to them, compared to the other months of the year, everything about your wedding will stand out. From the ceremony to the reception you’re guaranteed that your wedding celebration will make a lasting impression, especially if you are one of the lucky ones who gets snowy weather each year.

Natural Light that Works in Your Favor – All photographers understand the importance of natural lighting, as well as how to capture the right image during the golden hour. The winter months provide great natural lighting with stunning results. The early morning lighting will be nice and golden, and the afternoons should be filled with dramatic and gorgeous sunsets that will provide a near perfect backdrop for your memories.

Winter Weddings and Hot Honeymoons – Winter weddings give newlyweds that opportunity to have a great island honeymoon! This is the perfect justification to escape the cold weather and head off somewhere sunny and tropical.

If you’re still unsure on whether or not to have a winter wedding, call the professionals at Catering by Design. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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