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Looking for “Caterers Raleigh”?

Posted in: Catering in Raleigh NC, Corporate Catering

For those of you searching for “Caterers Raleigh” we are excited to tell you that we now have 28, count them 28 buffet menus for you to choose from.
And, we’re updating our Wedding Menus and our Social Menus to give you the kinds of choices we know you’re looking for.

It’s going to take a little time to get the new menus up, but here’s the good news. If you want to find out what we’re offering, just give us a call. There’s two great things about working with us – we can do anything you ask for, and we work within your budget.

Call Catering-by-Design at (919) 481-2366 for all your Raleigh Catering needs!