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More Things You Should Know Before Your Wedding

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Welcome back. We’re talking about things that brides should know before their wedding day and during the planning phase. If you missed our last post, be sure to go back and check it out here. We talked about carefully choosing your wedding party, pictures, and touched on the wedding budget. Below we’ll be discussing a few other important things upcoming brides should be aware of. If you’re searching for a great wedding day food experience, call Catering By Design. We’re the number one Raleigh wedding catering company for food and fun. You’ll love our great customer service and wedding packages. Call now to learn more.

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More Things Brides Should Know Before Their Wedding Day

Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses

This is a really good idea to consider for lots of reasons. Some of your girls might not feel comfortable in a certain cut or style, while others might need a lesser expensive option. This can fix all of that. It can totally work out just fine as long as you set a few parameters for everyone to follow.

Budget For A Wedding Day Coordinator

Having a wedding day coordinator can greatly reduce your panic and stress levels. They can help you in so many different ways that we cannot list them all. Not only can they help you find other quality vendors, but they’ll make sure your wedding ceremony and reception stays on schedule and runs without a hitch.

Take The Leftovers

You’re paying for a lot of good food, so be sure to take some leftovers with you. This goes for the wedding cake too. Don’t let the food go to waste, enjoy it for the next day or so. You can even let your guests take some home as well.

Play Happy Music

If you’re going to be playing music at your wedding reception, be sure it’s happy music. Avoid playing emotional or sad songs. The last thing you’re going to want is lots of running mascara.

Roll With The Punches

Always keep in mind that it’s your wedding day. Be as happy as you can. Don’t get overly worked up if something goes a little wrong or you have a little rain. Try to roll with the punches. Turn those lemons into lemonade. The more things that you can take in stride, the better your attitude will be and the more fun you will have.

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