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Ingredients I Always Have on Hand

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Over the years I have really changed how I shop for groceries. I’ve made great efforts to save money, throw away as little food as possible, and be more efficient with my meal planning. That means that there are a few pantry basics and staples that you’ll always find in my kitchen. These items don’t include things like herbs, spices, olive oil, and other cooking essentials. I’ll be focusing on what I’m buying the most of each week. If you need an affordable Raleigh catering company for an upcoming event this year, call us today at Catering by Design. You’ll love our menu selections, tasty flavors, service, and incredible prices.

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Fresh Fruits

My family loves fresh fruit of all different types. All of us keep fruit packed in our daily lunches for snacks and sides. We eat a lot of bananas, apples, oranges, grapes, strawberries, and cherries. One thing I try to do when buying fruit is to select items that have multiple options of what to do with them, like eating them raw or making pies, cakes, or muffins, adding them to yogurt or smoothies, etc.


I like to keep a variety of potatoes on hand, including a few sweet potatoes. Potatoes can be used in many different ways, from mashed or smashed, baked russet, roasted, fried, boiled, etc. My kids also love sweet potato fries so I try to make them at least once a week.


We go through a lot of eggs. We eat them for breakfast many days and use them hard boiled for salads and other snack needs. I also like to add eggs when making fried rice, and I use a lot of them for baking recipes.


We love avocados in my household. We can eat them morning, noon, and night. We make a lot of Mexican inspired dishes through the week so they have to be on hand always. Avocados are also a super food. They’re packed with lots of great stuff that does good things for your body.


Rice is another starch I like to keep on hand because it is easy to cook and has lots of uses. You can prepare rice with a variety of recipes as a side. You can use rice in a variety of American, Asian, and Mexican dishes. Rice is also a great leftover food for extra meals.

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