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Ideas for a Winter Wedding

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Winter weddings can be magical if put together correctly. You really have a lot to choose from when it comes to themes, décor, flowers and food. So much so that it might even seem overwhelming. We wanted to put together a few ideas that you can use to get inspiration if you’re planning a winter wedding. When it comes to winter wedding catering Raleigh NC services, call us. You’ll love our menus, prices and our service is unbeatable.

Themes and Symbols

Instead of picking a “theme” for your winter wedding, how about using an iconic winter symbol instead? Using a winter symbol, like a pine cone, snowflake, snowman, reindeer, or a candy cane as your focal point will not only streamline your decorating efforts, but it will also add a festive feel. Think of how much fun you can have coming up with different ways to incorporate your winter wedding symbol. A great place to start is with your invitations. Then, carry your winter symbol throughout your major décor elements such as your guestbook, seating chart, monogram, and cocktail napkins.

From our point of view, snowflakes are among the most popular of the winter wedding symbols because they are so simple. You can use all types of colors and sizes for your needs. Snowflakes look great in pretty much any color that you can think of and they are really easy to use.


Flowers are something that many brides might overly concern themselves with if they are considering having a winter wedding. Winter is a season where not a lot is actually in bloom, but don’t worry. You’ll be amazed at how many beautiful options you’ll have to choose from. You should have no problem finding flowers such as roses, lilies, tulips, anemones and amaryllises. If you’re really feeling festive, and wanting to adopt some seasonal favorites, then try to incorporate evergreen, mistletoe and holly into your arrangements. When you’re picking your winter flowers think texture. Using holly, pine cones, berries and evergreens will capture the spirit of the season and create beautiful floral displays. Do not be afraid to incorporate as much color as you can, especially if you’re taking pictures. Color will help your pictures pop and come alive.

Winter Wedding Catering Raleigh NC

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