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How To Buy A Thanksgiving Turkey

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About 95% of all Americans will eat something with turkey in it this Thanksgiving, according to research by the National Turkey Federation. If you’re like most families, you’ll be falling into that percentile. If this is your first time preparing the Thanksgiving feast, you might have some questions on how to go about choosing a turkey. It can be confusing because there are actually a lot of different options. Don’t worry, with these tips from the best Raleigh holiday catering company – Catering By Design – you’ll find the best bird to gobble up this holiday season.

Natural, Organic or Free Range?

When it comes to buying a turkey for the holidays, these are the questions you will face. We’re going to break down each one.

Natural Turkey – These birds have been minimally processed. They don’t contain flavor agents, artificial ingredients, coloring or preservatives. Natural turkeys usually sell for between $1-$2 per pound. You’ll find these at your local supermarkets.

Organic Turkey – These birds are also considered to be in the free-range category. These turkeys are fed grains that are pesticide and chemical free, and are not given antibiotics. Organic turkeys typically cost more and have a stronger turkey flavor. These usually sell for around $3.50-4.50 per pound. You’ll find them at fancy grocery stores or you might have to buy them from a farm depending on your location.

Free-Range Turkey – These birds are raised outdoors, on a farm where they can roam around. They eat mostly bugs and grubs. They have a more robust flavor and texture and cost around $2.50-$5 per pound. You’ll find these at some supermarkets, natural food stores and farms.

Fresh or Frozen?

Both have advantages and disadvantages. Most prefer a fresh turkey. They are aged several days. This makes them more tender and less dry. You can purchase fresh turkeys two days before Thanksgiving. Be aware, you must cook it after two days to avoid food poisoning. Frozen turkeys are typically drier. This is why you see lots of people injecting brine or broth into the turkey. It helps add flavor and keeps them moist. Frozen birds are the cheapest for those shopping on a budget. The biggest drawback for these birds are that they take about 24 hours to defrost for each five pounds of weight. For instance, a 12-pound turkey will take two and a half days to thaw, whereas a 20-pound turkey will take four days to thaw out.

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