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Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas

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The holidays are here and so is the season of gift giving. Instead of doing things the old fashioned way, why not try something new? These tips will be better then playing white elephant or having a secret Santa party. If you’re looking for awesome Raleigh caterers this year, call Catering by Design. We’ve got a great holiday menu that can be fully customized to your needs.

Holiday Gift Exchange Tips

Hot Potato – This gift game starts by having all the participants form a circle. Then you pass one unwrapped gift around as music plays in the background. When the music stops, the person left holding the gift is out of the game and they get to keep the gift they are holding. The last person to get a gift has the option to trade if they so desire during the opening.

Fact Exchange – Each person participating, and their gift, receive a corresponding number. Each person also has to write a little known tidbit about themselves on a piece of paper with their number and places it in a hat or bowl. The host then reads the fact without revealing the number on the package. The first person to connect the fact to the gift giver gets the corresponding present and they are out of the game. The game is finished once everyone has a gift.

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The Gift You Really Want – If you want to ensure that everyone gets the gift they really want this year play this version of gift exchange. Each person brings a wrapped present for him or herself and then writes their name and gift choice down on a list for later use. You should also have a pot where each person puts in $5 or $10 dollars. After the gifts have been mixed up, passed out, and opened, guests can write down their guesses on who brought what. The person with the most right answers wins all the money.

Christmas Dice – With this gift exchange idea, you have everyone take a seat and roll a pair of dice. The goal is to roll a pair of of numbers to win a gift. Once each person has a gift, round one has ended. Next, have everyone unwrap their gifts to see what they have. Now set a timer for 10 – 15 minutes for round two. In this round, the goal is to roll a pair of sixes. Each person gets as many turns as time allows, or until they roll a pair of sixes. If you roll a pair of sixes, you can swap gifts with anyone participating.

The game ends when the buzzer sounds.

We hope these ideas help you this holiday season with your gift giving festivities. Have a happy holidays from Catering by Design!

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