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The Must Have Herbs for Your 2018 Garden

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Gardening season is almost here. Whether you’re setting up a backyard garden or patio plants, don’t forget to include this list of herbs. Below you’ll find the must have herbs for 2018. If you’re looking for the best business, wedding, or event catering Raleigh NC services for 2018, call the experts at Catering by Design today. Our clients love our big menu selection, attention to detail, and affordable pricing. Don’t forget to ask about our delivery options as well!

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Grow These Herbs in Your Garden


Cilantro, also called coriander leaf or Chinese parsley, is an herb everyone should have in their garden. It is the perfect addition to spicy foods. Try it in your Mexican, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Indian, TexMex cuisines and chili.


Oregano is often used for cooking Greek and Italian dishes. However, you can also use it for seasoning egg dishes, meats, poultry, legumes, and in homemade baked breads.


When cooking, parsley makes a great addition to spice up your vegetable dishes. However, you can also add parsley to pesto, tabbouleh, and salad dressings, or as a curly green garnish to jazz up your presentation.


Basil comes in many different varieties. You can choose large leaf Italian basil, large purple sweet basil, lemon basil, and more. Basil is mostly used and featured in Italian dishes. Try it in pasta, on pizza, in your salads, and in sauces like pesto, marinara, and Alfredo.


Rosemary is one of the most flavorful herbs of the above bunch. Rosemary is great for adding flavor to poultry, fish, meats, and vegetable dishes.


Thyme is great for flavoring Mediterranean, Italian, and French dishes. You can also use thyme in egg, bean, and vegetable dishes or pair it with lamb, poultry, and tomatoes. Thyme can be added to soups and stews as well.

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