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More Tips For Keeping Guests Warm At A Winter Wedding

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Welcome back to our next installment for tips on keeping your winter wedding guests warm. In our last post we talked about the importance of keeping your guests up-to-date on weather, back up plans, and how you’re going to help them stay warm. Jump back and take a look by clicking here. Below you’ll find even more ideas that will make sure everyone stays warm and toasty during your celebration and reception. Do you need high quality wedding catering in Raleigh this winter? Call Catering by Design! You’ll love our great flavors, fantastic customer service, and low prices!

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Cocktail Hour

Granted, not everyone will be on board with this idea but adding a bourbon or whisky tasting station will definitely keep everyone warm. Whisky and bourbon tricks your brain into thinking that you are actually drinking something hot even when you’re not. Do consider only offering this idea during cocktail hour and not during the entire reception as you do not want your wedding guests getting overly intoxicated.

Coffee and Hot Chocolate Bar

Adding a hot cocoa, coffee, or apple cider bar is a great idea for the folks that don’t really drink alcohol. Plus, the kids will love having hot chocolate.

Warming Hors d’oeuvres

Think about offering some warming appetizers as well. Mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup shooters, bite sized calzones, and hot garlic and cheddar biscuits are all great ideas.

Fire Pit or Bonfire

This idea will be dependent on your venue, but a fire pit or bonfire is a great way to keep your guests warm, especially if you have access to an outdoor reception area. Fire creates lots of ambiance and a cozy atmosphere. Plus you can have a s’mores station set up to make it even more fun. If your venue has an indoor fireplace, consider using it as well.

Warming Wedding Favors

Most newlyweds want to give their guests a parting gift. Here’s your chance to take care of two needs at once. Inexpensive throw blankets, hand-warmers, earmuffs, or cute mittens are all great ideas.

Affordable Wedding Catering in Raleigh This Winter

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