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Great Uses for the Classic Box Grater

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The classic box grater is a great kitchen utensil that gets overlooked and often underused. The box grater is really versatile. Over the next few posts, we’ll take a look at some of the great ways you can use your box grater for more than just shredding cheese. Are you looking for affordable Raleigh wedding catering, business catering, or event catering this fall or winter? Call the experts at Catering by Design. We have the best menu and package options for Triangle weddings, corporate meetings, banquets, social events, birthday parties, and lots more.

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Garlic, Onions, Shallots

Does your recipe call for fresh garlic, onions, or shallots? Break out the grater and go to town. Not only is this method quick and easy, but you’ll also get great texture too. Even more, the box grater is easy to clean afterward.

Ginger Root

If your recipe happens to call for fresh ginger root, start by putting them in the freezer for a while. This will get them nice and firm. Then use your box grater to shred some fine ginger for your meal.

Bread Crumbs

I bet you did not know that you can make homemade breadcrumbs with your cheese grater. The process is really as simple as toasting bread and then grating it. You can jazz up your breadcrumbs any way you like with herbs, spices, and olive oil by tossing them in a hot pan over low heat.

Be sure to join for the next installment to learn of even more great uses for your handy box grater. If you’re needing great food at even better prices for an upcoming event, keep reading to learn why calling Catering by Design for all of your event food needs can save you time and money!

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