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The Season for Marriage Proposals

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Christmas and New Years Eve are Days that Engagements are Made and Announced

Christmas and New Years Eve are Days that Engagements are Made and Announced

Between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day a lot of engagement proposals happen. It’s a time of celebration with families gathered together. Former President Clinton’s daughter Chelsea was engaged on Thanksgiving. American music celebrity Katy Perry was engaged New Year’s eve. Actress Christina Applegate was engaged on Valentine’s Day.

There’s lots of advice about how you should propose during the holidays? Check out this wiki all about Christmas proposals. Here’s a blog post on how to propose on Christmas Eve?  An article on New Year’s proposals. This one about getting engaged on Valentine’s Day.

How soon after getting engaged do couples begin planning their weddings? Very soon usually. Local venues get booked up quickly, some as much as a year and a half in advance.

Catering Chef and owner of Catering by Design, Greg Lewis, confirms this, “In January we get many calls from newly engaged couples. We invite them in for our free consultation and discuss wedding planning with them. We have been doing this for so many years now, we can actually help them plan the whole event.” Of course Catering by Design doesn’t do wedding dresses or tuxedos, but we do coordinate flowers, music, decorations, cakes, venues and guest gifts.

Holiday Proposals lead to Wedding Planning which leads to your One-Stop Catering Service in the Raleigh area, Catering by Design.