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Get Away for Your Wedding Day | Destination Weddings Might Be Right for You

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Last week we gave you readers a few tips on destination weddings and why you should think about having one. Today, we are going to continue with part two of this series by providing a few more reasons why this idea just might make sense for some couples. If you decide to stick around town and get married in the Triangle area, we hope you’ll consider Catering By Design. We’re one of the top wedding catering companies Raleigh NC has to offer. We even offer free menu tastings to our brides and their families. Call us today to learn more.

Getting Remarried?

If you’ve been married before and experienced all of the wedding pomp and circumstance then you might not want to go through all of that again. You might want to have something very small and intimate so a destination wedding might be the perfect option. You might even get bitten by the spontaneity bug and decide to elope on a wedding vacation to somewhere warm and tropical. Maybe an Alaskan cruise is more your speed. Regardless, use this idea as a way to spice things up, be romantic and have a lot of fun.

Child Friendly Weddings

Speaking of getting remarried, if the bride and groom already have children then take them with you. Having an overseas wedding can definitely be child friendly and surveys show that many engaged couples are already taking this route. MarryAbroad.co.uk recently found that 40% of their database that got married overseas already either had children of their own, or step-children and that their records showed an increase of couples with kids remarrying 17% above previous years.

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Stream Your Wedding Online

Some might be wary of having a destination wedding because they want to include all of their friends and family at home. Well, what if told you that you can still include all of them by having your wedding streamed online? This option gives brides and grooms the best of both worlds. Having a Skype wedding will also allow you to save, share, and re-watch your wedding day anytime you like.

Catering Companies Raleigh NC Best Wedding Menus

Catering By Design is one of the best wedding catering companies Raleigh NC services. Call us today and we can help you with everything from picking out the perfect wedding location, bakery for your cake, table linens, bar service – the whole nine yards. We’ve been the top wedding caterer of choice for brides in North Carolina for years. Call us today to set up your free tasting and we’ll let our delicious flavors do all of the talking.