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How to Keep Your Fruits and Veggies Fresh

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If you’ve been following our blog, you might remember that we published a few posts regarding how to store food in your refrigerator, as well as things that you can do at home to stop wasting so much food. Today, we’re going to continue along that theme with tips that you can try that should help you keep all of your food fresher, for longer periods of time. After all, having your food stay fresher longer means less waste, and fewer trips to the grocery store. Let’s check them out below. Searching for Raleigh catering companies? Catering By Design can help you. Call us today to learn more about our affordable packages.

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Keep Fruits and Veggies Fresh for Longer Periods of Time


Tomatoes going bad? Slice or chunk them into pieces and roast them for a couple of minutes. Store them in the fridge in some olive oil to extend their life for about a week.

Keep your apples away from other fruits and vegetables because they give off ethylene gas which makes other foods spoil prematurely.

Do not store your avocados in a bag. This will cause them to rapidly ripen.

Wash berries in water with a splash of vinegar before storing to kill bacteria and other spores. Store them in their plastic container or use a resealable plastic bag in the back area of the refrigerator.

Bananas spoil slower when they’re in a bunch, so avoid separating them. Keep them at room temperature and not in the fridge. When bananas get too ripe, freeze them for later to make banana bread or muffins.


Excess moisture makes vegetables rot quicker so line your crisper drawer with paper towels to absorb it.

Wrap fresh mushrooms in paper towels to prevent them from getting slimy.

Store fresh garlic in a bag or basket unsealed to avoid excessive moisture buildup.

Rub summer and winter squash with vegetable oil and store them in the pantry to preserve them for several months.

Lettuce needs some extra moisture to keep it from dehydrating. Wrap the head in damp paper towels and store in a plastic bag.

Celery, carrots, and radishes should be chopped and stored in a little bit of water in the fridge to extend their freshness and crispness.

Kale, collards, Swiss chard, and other leafy greens should be stored in a glass of water with their ends trimmed. Place a loose bag over the top.

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