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Fruits You Can Regrow from Scraps

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Some fruits and vegetables are like superheros. How you ask? Several of them have these magical regeneration powers. They can literally regrow themselves. However, they will need a little help from you. Check out this list below and even try them for yourselves this spring and summer. Searching for Raleigh caterers for a wedding, social, or business event this spring? Call Catering by Design! Let us tell you how we can help you save time and money!

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Try Regrowing These Fruits from Your Leftovers


You’ll need to be a patient gardener to regrow pineapples, but it can be done. Just know that it will take between 2 and 3 years before your first harvest. Just cut the stalk off from the top of the fruit and cut off horizontal sections until you see the root buds. Leave only about an inch of the leaves on the base and plant in a warm spot that has good drainage.


Use some tweezers to remove several seeds from the outer skin of the strawberry. Rinse and dry them off. Put some soil in a container and drop the seeds in. Cover them with more dirt and place your container in a sunny spot. Frequently water them until they sprout and then transfer to a larger pot or plant outside in your garden.


Avocado is another slow grower as it can take up to six weeks just for the stem and roots to appear. First, remove and wash the pit. Place 4 toothpicks in it and suspend over water in a jar. The water should just cover the bottom inch of the pit. Keep your jar in a warm place but not in direct sunlight. Keep a check on the water levels and add more as needed. When the stem reaches 6 inches, cut it back to 3. When leaves finally appearing, transplant it to soil leaving about half of it above the soil line.

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