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Making Your Own Flavored Sea Salt

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Salt is one of the most important ingredients for seasoning all sorts of different types of foods. If you want to step your culinary game up to a higher level, using flavor-infused sea salt is a great place to start. However, buying store-bought versions can become costly if you want to try several different flavors. Making your own versions at home is very easy and it will save you a lot of money. Keep reading for some great tips on making homemade flavor-infused sea salt. For the best Raleigh wedding catering, business catering, and more contact Catering by Design. We offer great prices on catering packages and free menu tastings for brides and grooms. Call now to learn more.

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Making Your Own Flavor-packed Sea Salts

To make your own flavor-infused salt, you first need to select the best type of salt for your cooking style. There are actually many options. The most affordable is probably Kosher salt. However, you can also choose Maldon, fleur de sel or sel gris salt. Here’s a pro tip. For better texture and appearance use a coarser and flakier type of salt.

The next step is selecting the flavors that you want to infuse your salt with. You can use many different types of herbs, citrus peels, smoke, hot sauce, and lots more. There are an endless amount of options that you can choose from.

When it comes time to make the salt, we suggest using 1 tsp of flavoring for every 1/4 cup of salt. You’re going to want to store your salt in an airtight container and in a dark place. Be sure to let your flavored salt sit for a few days after mixing to allow all of the flavors to thoroughly infuse.

Want some easy to follow recipes for making flavored salts? Check out our next post. If you’re searching for an incredible catering experience for your next event, keep reading to see why you should be calling Catering by Design.

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